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HOW TO ORDER – We bring to you this traditional London cult taste to your home, workplace, care home – in fact anywhere with a UK Postcode. The food is cooked and prepared on day of dispatch and sent via next day courier service in secure chilled packaging. If you are not at present to receive it will be left on your door step on in a safe place.

Make sure you check your mobile phone (texts) and email for regular updates for when your food is going to be delivered (only applies to non local Surrey deliveries). We CANNOT give exact times but it will usually be between 8am and 6pm (this can change during busy periods).

The food will arrive chilled and will need to be refrigerated and consumed within 48 hours or can be frozen on day of delivery. Heating instructions will also be provided in the delivery packaging or you can see here.

Minimum order is £20.00. Our prices include the delivery charge and you will also see extra items to purchase on the menu soon.

If you live outside mainland UK do NOT order. Your food may take 2 days to arrive in which case would not be safe to eat. We will not be responsible.

MENU DETAILS – Our food is freshly cooked using only the best ingredients sourced from Great Britain. Our pies are 100% lamb mince meat in a delicious crisp pastry and served with a generous amount of mashed potato. If you have any allergies or wish to know if any specific ingredients are used in our food please contact us before purchasing.

Traditional Pie & Mash is a very acquired taste, to some its very bland yet to many it is their favourite meal. If you are trying for the first time we would recommend adding chilli vinegar to the order which will give it more flavour.

Make sure you check out our social media pages where you can see what our loyal customers from all over the world think of us and the delicious food we offer.

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