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Order NOW for a delivery to selected Surrey, Sussex areas and anywhere in Mainland UK.


We have a Surrey and a Sussex delivery once a month. We also have 2 deliveries anywhere in Mainland UK per month. Orders placed for anywhere in Mainland UK need to be over £40.00 (any that are not will be refunded and not delivered).

Next Deliveries:

Tuesday 9th August 2022
 (Selected Surrey) (See areas here)
Wednesday 10th August 2022 (Anywhere in Mainland UK – Orders need to be over £40.00)

If you live in an area very close to any of the above Sussex or Surrey areas and are looking to place an order for over £40.00 then please send us a message we can try to add you on if we have any delivery slots available.

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About Us

Harringtons have been serving traditional Pie, Mash and Liquor across generations in and around the London area for over 100 YEARS and are one of the most favourite pie makers to many.

This is the first time we have been able to offer this delicious cult dish delivered to your door to Pie and Mash lovers in mainland UK.

Place your order online on one of our delivery dates and have delivered to your door chilled the very next day.

You will find lots of pie and mash delivery services online but there is only one Harringtons.


Number 3 Selkirk Road Tooting became Harrington’s Pie & Mash shop in the spring of 1908 when it was bought by Bertie John Harrington and his wife Clara. With two small children in tow, Bertrum and George, 26 year old Bertie Harrington moved from Limehouse and set-up shop down south, serving pie and mash to the SW17 community for the next 31 years until his death at 57 in 1939.

At the time of his arrival in Tooting, industrial air pollution tended to be worse in the east and south of the city due to the prevailing westerly wind, this naturally contributed to the reason why these parts of the city were settled by the working classes, while the west was home to the affluent minority. The working class favoured foodstuffs that were cheap, in plentiful supply, and easy to prepare.

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